How to get a Free Domain Name

Get a Free Domain NameAs you plan to have a website, it is always an advantage if you can get the domain for free. The web host of your choice should offer you numerous advantages. It is very common for companies to use various similar stimulants to gain new customers and to capture their interest in the provided services, so you should definitely try to profit from it. We have made a list with the best web hosting providers who offer along with their hosting plan free domain, making it simpler and more convenient for you to get your hands on what you need without much difficulties and effort. Continue reading

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What should you know about website secutiry

Best Website Security TipsWebsite security needs constant attention in avoiding hacking and defeating efforts of spammers. It may be due to poorly written codes. However lot of foolproof methods are suggested by the experts to safeguard them. Few important measures are listed below: Continue reading

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